Pulling In The Catch

This is an 8x10" canvas. Boy was it hard to get all I wanted to say into such a small area. I really like the freedom of painting on bigger canvases. I can stay looser big as well. This is this weeks Herring painting! This is herring season, you know. I'll be heading to Colerain, in Bertie County to the SeaGull Cafe for herring roe-yum!

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  1. Thanks for the blog invitation, Tracy! Love seeing what you are painting and doing. BUT! What prompted me to write was that you are going to eat herring roe! Fried h. roe is my absolute favorite food on this earth. When it was more plentiful, Dad always bought a big pile of it and I always had some in my freezer. Otherwise, we go to the Cypress Grill in Jamesville for a fix. Look forward to checking out your blog! Liz