Picking Cotton in Roxobel

Oh my,  this was a super fun one!  The patron who asked me to paint another turkey painting asked me if I could please paint a painting of people picking  cotton and another of peanut stacks. She wanted them to be 11x14" to hang as companions to the Turkeys.  

I love nothing better than to paint obsolete rural activities!  To tell the story of how the ladies went into the fields, wearing cotton dresses, and dragged behind them the bags of cotton they picked.  My wonderful friend Marjorie was a cotton picker in her youth, sometimes carrying more than 100 pounds at a time.  She said it was hard work, paid little, but the fellowship made it worthwhile.

Here's to you, Mike Rooney, I painted this all in shapes and values and had the best time!  You just can't get tight with that method.  

I also started the peanut stacks but it needs the final touches.  Hope I can finish it and post it today!   Sold- off to Irvington, Va!

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  1. Tracy, you photographed this painting PERFECTLY! You really are a one (wo)man band!