Edward R. Outlaw, Sr. Cottage

See a pattern? Yes, I am hooked on painting the neighborhood!  These wonderful cottages have withstood the wrath of hurricanes and stand proudly for all of us to enjoy.  It is a trip back in time to visit in them. When I look at this cottage, my mind takes me back. Sam Worthington is on the porch playing his banjo.  Mary Pegram  is on another side of the house "catching a breeze".  ( Sam was the grandson of E.R. Outlaw, Jr.) His presence is dearly missed.

 Oddly enough the house was built in Bertie County.  It was constucted in several pieces and taken by boat to Nags Head and assembled on the oceanfront in 1885.  It originally was one story but the second story was built in 1900. It is still enjoyed by family and lots of friends!  11x14"

Sold at the Edenton Opening

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