Shallowbag Sedge

A Sedge is a patch of marsh grass common to The Outer Banks.  They change color with the seasons, not as obvious as the change in tree leaves, but subtle in their change from lavender to gray to green.  They are spectacular sights from the bridges which bring us into this splendor we call home.  Many artists have captured the ever changing lights which dance across them in the breeze.  It would be easy to paint them everyday for 100 days.  You would surely get 100 different, beautiful paintings.  Now that's a thought!  This painting is 6x12"

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  1. Beautiful,Tracy! You should get on Facebook and post these there. You would be amazed at all the people who would find you and see your art. It would be a great way to spread your gift. Can't wait for the birthday party next weekend! LIz