Hail Merrie-Woode, Hail

Camp Merrie-Woode is in Sapphire, North Carolina on Lake Fairfield and under the watchful Bald Mountain.  Although it has been over 40 years since my camping days, my mind wanders back to the Camp songs, the smells of the mountain mornings, the friends made from all over the country.. and world.  These cabins stand just as they have for 100 years, with bark siding, screen windows and roll up window shades to keep out the rain.  Do Kum Inn...(my spelling may be off)... Mushroom and Sunny Shack are the first three cabins from the left, giving the youngest of the campers a lovely lake view.  I spent my 9th Birthday in Sunny Shack.  I treasure those days and feel so fortunate to have had the camp experience.  That independence was certainly character building.  The surroundings heavenly.  Our family still goes back when we are in the Mountains-  it's funny to hear my sons sing my camps songs as we bump down the road.  Hail Merrie-Woode, thanks for all you gave this camper.  

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