Cleaning the Catch

Perry Wynnn's Fishery was a fascinating flow of buildings on, and I mean on, the Chowan River. The buildings welcomed boats full of herrings fished locally, to be processed there for people everywhere to enjoy. I remember fondly, my first tour given by Linnie Perry. Walking through the buildings was like walking through dark train cars. Slices of light guided you. The gentle lap of the river lulled you along. Then, not to forget our sense of smell, the herrings lead you to them. The workers were each dressed in layers of clothing of all colors. They wore bags over their sleeves, heavy aprons and all kinds of head gear. Although their hands bore heavy gloves, they wielded their knives with ease and with great speed. For me , the roe is the prime reason to catch herring, but others like the fish, salted, smoked and pickled...not to mention fried. Oh my, how I wish The Seagull Cafe was open! This painting is 24x30" Sold

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  1. Tracy! I used to sell seafood for Neal and Chris many years ago. I worked out of Ted Day Seafood in Washington and there were about 30 pickers there. It was a time not to be forgotten!