Painting Plein Air II

This a commission as the first one sold at the Flat Top Show and Sale. June was extremely busy with the Flat Top Houses Paint Out and Sale, followed by The Legacy Project Show. It was the culmination of my time spent with two of THE most remarkable ladies! To try to capsulate their 88 and 92 years of life was a challenge. Each lived life to the fullest, and are role models to me. Fortunetly, both were present for the Show's Opening and we continue to visit! THEN, came the Lighthouse Garden show in Corolla, and finally now open at The Front Porch Cafe my latest show and sale. Now, I'm settling back into my daily painting at long last!! I just finished Two Old Antiques which will post soon. It is sooo good to be back at the easel. Sometimes the looproads we take lead us to find our better selves! Thanks EJ and Natalie. NFS

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