Road Trip

Lots of paint, loose brush strokes, minimal descriptions and I could not be happier with the result! Lots of value changes, painting shapes of color, and the faces make this one. I wonder where these folks are going? Are they two couples or one family? I have wonderful movies of my mother on a road trip to Asheville with her family in a model T Ford in 1927. This was reminiscent and I suppose why it spoke to me so- 11x14" HONORABLE MENTION, LANDMARK SHOW


  1. Your paintings are almost like photos now. Beautiful!

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  3. What an awesome composition! You did paint it just tightly enough to depict telling detail without compromising your signature brush style. Well done. I love watching your daily work from afar -- not quite as fun as sneaking up to your studio to see what's cookin' though.

    Love you,